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best travel credit card australia
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Best Travel Credit Cards in Australia for 2024

Are you searching for the best travel credit card in Australia?

Look no further! We’ve analyzed the top contenders for 2024, considering rewards programs, annual fees, foreign transaction fees, insurance coverage, and more.

Get ready to optimize your travels and earn incredible rewards with the perfect travel credit card for your needs.

best travel credit card australia

Discover the Best Travel Credit Cards in Australia in 2024

As an avid traveler in Australia, the right travel credit card can be your passport to incredible experiences. From earning valuable rewards points to enjoying travel insurance and exclusive perks, these cards are designed to enhance every journey.

In this 2024 guide, we’ll explore the top travel credit cards in Australia, analyzing their benefits, fees, and overall value for different types of travelers.

Unveiling the Top Travel Credit Cards in Australia

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best travel credit cards available in Australia:

ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa Card

Enjoy generous rewards programs, waived foreign transaction fees, and complimentary travel insurance.

Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards with Diamond Elite Benefits

Access luxurious benefits like lounge access and exclusive hotel experiences, alongside a solid rewards program and waived foreign transaction fees.

Westpac Altitude Black

Receive bonus points, Priority Pass lounge access, and comprehensive travel insurance, making it a favorite among frequent travelers.

American Express Velocity Platinum Card

Earn Velocity Points, enjoy domestic lounge access within Australia, and potentially receive a complimentary return flight annually.

HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card

This card offers a competitive annual fee, bonus Qantas Points, no foreign transaction fees, and travel insurance coverage.

NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card

Earn a high Qantas Points bonus, enjoy complimentary travel insurance, and potentially benefit from an interest-free period on purchases.

Citi Prestige Credit Card

Luxury travelers will appreciate the premium benefits like extensive points earning, Priority Pass membership, and complimentary hotel nights at select properties.

Bankwest More World Mastercard

Earn Bankwest More Rewards points, get insurance coverage, and save on international purchases thanks to the absence of foreign transaction fees.

St.George Amplify Signature

Choose between Qantas Points or Amplify Points for flexibility, and benefit from complimentary insurance and a competitive annual fee.

Qantas American Express Ultimate Card

A top choice for Qantas loyalists, with a massive Qantas Points bonus, Qantas Club lounge access, and a yearly complimentary domestic companion flight.


"Just as there are different hiking trails for every level of adventurer, there's a travel credit card to suit every kind of traveler.  The key is to analyze your needs and goals to find the path that unlocks the most value for you."

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Travel Credit Card in Australia

Rewards Programs: Your Roadmap to Dream Destinations

Prioritize rewards that align with your travel goals, whether it’s Qantas Points, general travel rewards, or other point systems.

When choosing a travel credit card, the rewards program is like choosing your travel route. It determines where you can go, how quickly you’ll get there, and the overall experience along the way. Here’s how to break it down:

  • Qantas Points: If you’re loyal to Qantas and primarily use their flights, Qantas Points offer the most direct path to upgrades, free flights within Australia, and international travel on Qantas or partner airlines.
  • General Travel Rewards: Programs with flexible points (like Bankwest More Rewards) allow you to redeem rewards for a wider variety of travel experiences. You might use them for flights on various airlines, hotel bookings, activities, or even merchandise. This is ideal if your travel plans and preferences change often.
  • Other Point Systems: Some cards have their own unique point systems that can be redeemed for specific travel experiences or with designated partners. These can be enticing if they align perfectly with the type of travel you enjoy.

Annual Fees: The Cost of Your Travel Adventure

Think of the annual fee on a travel credit card as the price of admission to a special travel club. Each club offers different perks, and the price tag reflects the level of benefits you can access. Here’s what to consider:

  • Balancing Act: It’s important to weigh the annual cost against the card’s overall value proposition. A higher annual fee might be justified if it unlocks significantly better rewards, exclusive perks (like airport lounge access), or comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Do the Math: Calculate how much value you need to extract from the card to make the annual fee worthwhile. Consider the sign-up bonus, how quickly you’ll earn rewards based on your spending, and the monetary value of the added benefits.
  • Your Spending Habits Matter: If you’re a frequent traveler or a big spender, you’ll likely accumulate rewards faster, potentially offsetting a higher annual fee. However, if you use the card infrequently, a lower or even no-fee option might be a better fit.
  • Introductory Offers: Many cards waive the annual fee for the first year, giving you a chance to try out the card’s benefits. This is a great way to test whether the value justifies the cost in subsequent years.

Foreign Transaction Fees

If you travel internationally often, a card with no foreign transaction fees can save you money.

When you use a credit card abroad, you might face foreign transaction fees. These fees, usually around 3%, are added to every purchase made in a foreign currency. A $100 souvenir could end up costing $103!

Insurance Coverage: Your Travel Safety Net

Many travel credit cards include travel insurance, offering protection for unexpected events like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What types of coverage are included?
  • Are the coverage limits high enough for your needs?
  • Are there any important exclusions?
  • Do I need additional travel insurance for full protection?

Remember: Credit card insurance can be valuable, but always read the fine print to understand your coverage and whether it’s enough for your trip.

Understand the level of travel insurance included with the card and if it meets your needs.

Additional Perks:

Consider factors like lounge access, companion flights, and other benefits that enhance your travel experience.

Tips for Maximizing Your Travel Credit Card Benefits

  • Understand the rewards program. Know how to earn and redeem points effectively.
  • Meet sign-up bonus requirements. Strategically use your card to unlock valuable bonuses.
  • Avoid interest charges. Pay off your balance in full each month.
  • Utilize all perks. Take advantage of the card’s included benefits.

Embark on Your Next Adventure

Ready to elevate your travel experiences and unlock incredible rewards? Don’t settle for less! Compare the best travel credit cards in Australia today and find the perfect one to accompany you on every adventure. Start planning your dream vacation now!


Choosing the right travel credit card is a smart investment in your future travels.

By understanding rewards programs, annual fees, foreign transaction fees, insurance coverage, and additional perks, you can find a card that aligns with your travel goals and maximizes your benefits.

Take the time to research, compare offers, and select the card that will transform your journeys.

The world of unforgettable experiences awaits!

With the right travel credit card, you can elevate your travels and unlock unforgettable experiences.

Choose the best travel credit card in Australia for your needs and start planning your dream getaway!

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